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On the other side to demographics, which have always been about the design process, psychographics are qualitative rather than quantitative and require a far deeper “discovery process.” What are the attitudes, values, interests and lifestyles of a project’s users, be it an office, restaurant, hotel or multi family building. Users’ origins, ethnicities, family backgrounds, culture, education levels, professions and more inform these characteristics. Coupled with demographics—gender, age, income, educational level, marital status and race—all these details help us understand what the space needs.


Since most people work outside of their homes, it’s safe to say that work environments are equally important for their health. This means that the interior design must encourage proactive behaviors and habits that will drive wellness.


The green building concept has evolved from ambition to a standard, and every structure or development we work on is built with leaner, greener building techniques. We think it is critical to use design strategies that create spaces and communities which will allow people to live better now and in the future.


Loneliness is a public health crisis more critical than obesity and as significant as smoking and drinking, as noted by popular Washington political site - The Hill.

We know that social connectivity is the solution, so we push our designs to create a tight link that reflects health and wellness.

This is critical for us, the commercial interior designers when we are responsible to create  spaces in buildings that cause occupants to interact with each other and build community 24/7.


Today, thanks to our increasingly digital worlds, we crave authenticity as an antidote to what many perceive as an impersonal world. Establishing authenticity in projects has become a critical part of making homes, offices, restaurants and hotels feel warm, welcoming, relaxing and comfortable. To achieve this, we do our homework. We do extensive research and find creative ways to balance the artificial connections forged online with the natural experiences generated by live relationships and activities. As commercial space designers, we integrate character-rich yet relevant design elements into buildings; from incorporating local materials into structures to commissioning art for community spaces that pay homage to a community or locale we have fun doing everything in between.

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Perpetuum Designs

Started Nov 2015

Our South Loop studio covers the commercial, hospitality and residential design field. From kids rooms to daycare centers, new home building to commercial multi residential, interior design is our expertise. We always follow the needs of our clients and stay on budget.

Our experience is extensive across all project levels from feasibility, schematic design and planning, through documentation and contract administration on procurement for FF&E and special installation on custom specified items.

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