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Lobby Design Ideas

Hey Chicago hospitality word. Happy Spring! As temperatures rise, we’re focusing on lobby design.

The first contact a guest has when he or she arrives in your space, is the feeling you transmit and that undoubtedly affects their expectations. The lobby is the initial assessment that a person will make of your establishment.

It’s not just about a beautiful greeting space; it’s a statement to describe your entire building in one room.

As commercial interior designers, we are moving away from an era when style and luxury means heavy pieces of furniture decorated in precious metals. Now more than ever, the interior design of a lobby is both modern and minimalistic. Modern lobbies are free of excesses and their main concept is clean.

Lobby Decoration Ideas

Any use of wood, metal and stone can be a natural and light way to create a warm and silent atmosphere. The use of live materials, as simple as a plant, further supports a peaceful atmosphere. As millennials, we know that modern life requires technological elements. However, technology should balance in harmony with nature and as designers we need to make sure we it is possible. The interfaces of the technical elements guarantee the continuity of the quiet and define the view of a lobby.

Chicago Lobby Design

Perpetuum Designs embraces local collaborations as Chicago commercial design continues to make a statement on visual impact. We choose and accent areas of a lobby to add dimension(s) and color. Whether it is your front desk or the bar, we use bolder colors and shapes to add excitement to a commercial lobby. Despite the dynamism and colorfulness of the space, we do not ruin the unit with excess. Bold and excessive are entirely different. We know that the distinct color difference should contrast enough to define and separate the spaces, yet continuity is important. We understand and apply that.

Horizontal & Vertical Expansion

The overall concept of a lobby must be aware of light and texture. If we are lucky to have the proper space, we can add a beautiful oversized accents to open up space both vertically and horizontally and bring in a lighting effect. We can use the same design to complicate the scene while bringing everything together as a design backdrop. It’s important as designers to stand out in the constantly changing industry of hospitality

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