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How To Plan A Restaurant Design Or Redesign

Choosing the Best Restaurant Interior Design and Layout

Food and excellent customer service are not the only things that can keep customers in your restaurant. There are other things that people look for and one of them is the restaurant interior and layout.

According to the National Restaurant Association there are over 1 million restaurants in the US competing for $799 billion in sales.  More and more Chicago restaurant owners turn to designers as they realize that they have the power to transform a space from a place to eat to a place offering an engaging, memorable experience.

The layout and interior design of your restaurant have a direct impact on the dining experience. Customers can decide to stick to the restaurant or never come back just because of the ambiance. Would you like to elevate your restaurant? Here are some of the valuable tips for restaurant design and interior layout planning.

Take care of the ventilation

Maintaining a good quality of air in a restaurant can be quite hectic due to the never-ending food preparation activities. Proper restaurant ventilation is essential to not only the customers but also employees. Apart from making your restaurant comfortable, ventilation promotes a healthy environment.

An air conditioning system is just one of the essential devices that will keep the restaurant well-ventilated. It will improve the quality of indoor air. Heating and cooling devices will ensure that the restaurant is not too hot or too cold for the customers. You should also have a system to ensure that both the aroma and odor that are emanating from the kitchen are kept fresh and don’t affect the customers.

Balance the eating capacity

One of the goals for setting up a restaurant is to turn a profit. To achieve this goal, you will be tempted to maximize the seating capacity of the restaurant. However, this can work against you if your restaurant will appear crowded and disorganized.

It would be best if you strived to find a perfect balance between the capacity and the seating arrangement. As much as you would want to maximize the available seats, ensure that the customers are comfortable. Your restaurant should also look organized and attractive.

Work on the design of problem areas

There are various sections in a restaurant that have always proven to be problematic. Most customers tend to avoid such areas, especially when there are alternatives.

Some of the notorious areas of a restaurant include; seats near the kitchen, tables that are right next to the entrance or even near the restroom, and seats that are in the hard to get in areas of the restaurant.

There are various measures to make such sections of the restaurant attractive to customers:

  • Install partitions or dividers to make such areas look exclusive.
  • Decorations such as flowers, screens, collectibles and memorabilia  can improve the ambiance of the restaurant sections that customers tend to avoid.

Spruce up the washroom

Restaurant interior design shouldn’t stop at the dining section. It should also apply to the washroom. As much as it is always overlooked, it is one of the most sensitive sections of a restaurant. The state of the restroom can give visitors either a positive or negative impression.

The restroom should always be clean and exude an excellent ambiance. It should also have all the essentials for convenience. You should plan a cleaning and stocking schedule to ensure that everything regarding the restroom is up to the high standards your business has.

Implementing the above restaurant interior design ideas may not be easy, especially if you are not sure of what will work and what won’t work for a limited space.

Chicago diners are more visually savvy now and they want a personal experience that cares about the details.

The good news is you can hire professional restaurant interior designers. They will use their knowledge, experience and skills to ensure that your restaurant decoration project will look even better than you imagine it.

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