Cafe Interior Design

Project Info

  • Project Date

    March 2018

  • Category

    Commercial, Interior Design, Modern

  • Project Type

    Restaurant Design

  • Location

    Lincoln Park

The Establishment

7 Plates is a stylish gourmet cafe, with European and North-American influences.


The cafe uses a mix of natural and artificial lighting, provided by stylish, yet simple fixtures.


The space is meant to bring people together as they enjoy the best tastes from 2 different continents.

A fun transformation with a limited budget. With a former restaurant that vacated the space, who kept a dark environment, a black wallpaper, obscure lighting, dark cherry bar and deep red vinyl cushions on all seating, we had to bring a lot of light into this space. Following a European air, we had to be extremely creative using local and international vendors and crafters to make this transformation possible.