Luxury Residential Design

From small apartment design, a minimalist bachelor pad, a complex transitional style or a glamorous Hollywood regency, to a multi family complex with a modern transitional style, a shabby chic air or an inviting French country grown-up allure style, all spaces and styles can be charming.
If you recently purchased your first home, or you’re in charge of a management company that’s looking to attract a solid client or you recently became a landlord, hiring an expert interior designer will be the best decision for your space.

Perpetuum Designs will work with you through the initial stage of the interior design consultation using a specialized process called 'psychograhics', which will ensure the project will look and function just as you envisioned it.
We break down the interior design project into smaller, logical steps and we gather your feedback as we plan each one.
We put together a highly customized space, designed to fit your needs and budget.


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We’d like to take a moment and walk our guests through just a few different styles that currently make a statement in Chicago Residential Design.

Luxury Interior Design Styles come and go every year and keep on changing from time to time. Though things might look similar in two different styles, there are well defined characteristics between a modern and a contemporary style of interior design.
With Chicago being a multicultural city, Interior Design Styles adopted elements from all-over the world. In each style, people use unique pieces, sometimes as little as a vase or a photograph as a reminder of their heritage, past experiences, or simply something that they saw in a movie or another friends home.

Modern Interiors

Modern style of interior design comes out from the needs of its consumers therefore the rule of “form follows function” is the fundamental principle of this style of design. It is defined by clear lines and clutter free environments. But that does not mean it compromises on the comfort factor. It is an approach of design which is not limited to its own style but influences other styles also. Color, texture and material which has a captivating eye soothing effect and does not create drama, is an inherent character of this style of design.

Contemporary Interiors

Contemporary design and modern design have often been confused to be the same for ages. But there are some features that do define each style, other than the fact that they do have a lot in common. Best way to explain it is as simple as the definition of the word: contemporary means living in the present or in the moment. That is the reason why it borrows elements from other styles of design. Contemporary design is simple, subtle and sophisticated; the main focus is on curved lines, neutral color palettes and minimalism.

Mid Century Modern Interiors

Mid Century Modern became very popular and well accepted style of interior design in Chicago in the last few years. Mid-century design can be considered to be a bridge between maximalism and minimalism. The distinguishing features of this style are function, simple forms, both organic and geometric, minimal ornamentation, a bridge between traditional and non-traditional elements and of course, contrast.
Eclectic Interiors
Eclectic design is one of the most challenging style to achieve, even in the most perfect space, due to the use of elements which have disparity. Harmony is the most important design principle of Eclectic design and uses a mixture of heterogeneous elements. Maintaining balance between different textures, trends, materials and colors is the key that brings together successfully a great eclectic design interior.

Scandinavian Interiors

The origin of Scandinavian design comes from Nordic countries, mainly Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. This style of design uses natural light to as an important element and like other styles, the focus is not only on simplicity but functionalism as well. It is often perceived that Scandinavian style in interior design is famous for its use of natural materials such as leather, wood and hemp. The Scandinavian design is also influenced by organic shapes and abstractions of elements, this being the warmest and most distinctive characteristic.

Industrial Interiors

Industrial design is about boldly displaying the building materials like concrete, metal and raw wood which we try to conceal in other styles of design. It has a raw feel to it as wood, metal, brick or cement are the dominant materials. It used to be seen primarily in commercial spaces, however more and more this style of design is used in modern apartments nowadays. Stainless steel surfaces, metal light fixtures, vintage furniture, concrete textured surfaces with open layouts also define this style of design.

Asian Zen Interiors

Asian Zen is a style of design which liberates peace, calmness and tranquility. It is the newest concept in residential interiors and adopted more and more as a luxury style, not only in apartment designs but also in new construction homes. Creating the right experience of a Zen space has a few key ingredients: the low height seating arrangements is a unique feature of this style of design as it is influenced by Japanese culture. Large windows lead the way for an ample amount of natural light. Neutral and calm shades of color, clutter free space, no digital gadgets, natural materials and textures with clean lines are the basic guidelines that define this style.